McCartney, inc. and foreign shipping

Whether you are looking to fill your new dairy,  add animals into an existing facility, or simply jump start your herd; importing cattle from the United States of America can help increase your production and strengthen your genetics.

Here at McCartney, Inc. we purchase thousands of Holstein and Jersey heifers for foreign export every year. Working with the largest exporting firms in the United States, our cattle have reached dozens of countries including Russia, Turkey, Egypt, China, Taiwan, and Morocco just to name a few.

Our team at McCartney, Inc. work closely with foreign buyers during the export process. Our office routinely handles every aspect of export paperwork from contracts and financial arrangements to selection agreements and International Health Certificates. We also work with domestic suppliers to offer clients the highest quality cattle in regards to both health and genetics, and we work closely with the USDA/APHIS to coordinate our shipments and inspections. After animals have been approved by buyers, we arrange the transport, isolation, testing and quarantine of the selected animals.

Unlike other export suppliers, here at McCartney Inc. we maintain five USDA-certified isolation facilities and one permanent USDA-certified animal inspection/quarantine facility here in Pennsylvania. We also maintain 7 more isolation facilities in 3 other states. This allows us to isolate thousands of export animals at a time and standardize shipping groups for the best possible animal purchasing experience.